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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Karma?

Karma makes it easy to instantly send gifts to your friends and family from your phone. We envision a world in which products and services are gifted from person-to-person via mobile devices in real-time.

How much is your app?

$0 - available for free in the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

Why don't I need to enter my recipient’s address?

That's the beauty of Karma. All you need to know is their phone number or email. We'll txt or email them with your card and gift. We'll then ask them where they want the gift shipped.

Is the gift real or virtual?

Oh, it’s real. We carefully curate the products on Karma and work with well known, high quality companies to make sure every gift we offer is top notch.

When do I pay for the gift?

Once your recipient accepts the gift and gives Karma an address to ship to, we come back to you for payment. That way you don’t end up paying until the gift is accepted. Once you’ve paid for your first gift, we’ll store your card on file so its easy for you to send another gift.

Do they see how much the gift costs?

No. Like any proper gift, prices aren’t visible. The exception is for pre-paid experiences ($50 spa packages, for example)

Will I know if they exchange the gift?

No, we don’t tell you about the exchange. But they’re welcome to.

How long does it take the gift to ship?

The gift doesn’t ship until it’s been paid for. Once that happens, it will ship by the next day.

What if they exchange the gift for something cheaper?

You will still be charged the price of your original gift. Your recipient will have two options:

  • They can keep the remainder as Karma credit and use those credits toward giving a new gift.
  • They can donate the remainder to one of the charities we work with.

Does Karma work internationally?

As of today, Karma only ships domestically within the United States. Some products may not be able to ship to some states due to legal reasons or issues beyond our control (these exceptions will be stated in product details).

How do I return a gift?

When you receive a gift from a friend, we notify you of the gift through text message or email. If you don’t like the gift, we make it very easy for you to exchange it to something else before we mail it out to you.

If you receive the gift in the mail and something is broken or its the wrong item, you may return the item within 30 days from receipt of delivery in original packaging.

To return a gift that you received, please fill out the help form and be sure to include your gift short code (found on your packing slip).


Security is our priority

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